Pallet furniture doesn’t have to look like pallets!!

Hi everybody! This is my first post here on my new pallet furniture blog!! I have a website, You can check it out at

I just wanted to write a quick little blurb here to let you all know something that you might not know…Pallet furniture doesn’t have to look like a pallet!! For real! Check this out:



This is still made out of reclaimed pallet wood…I just made it look awesome!! I sell it here:

I also make a ton of other things…like serving trays, and end tables:

like these ^^^ =)

I take apart the pallets, then I remove all the nails and screws that are in them.

After that I run them through my saw to cut them to the correct width. Some projects need large boards and some projects need smaller boards.

Last thing that I do to the boards is run them through my thickness plainer so that all the boards I collected are the same thickness and are smooth and ready for a project:

I hope you stop by my store and check out all the great pallet projects that I’ve been working on!!!